Tuesday, May 25, 2010

even as i sit here now groovin to the heart typing on my ultinate small keys... ugh . i dread my own thoughts on my own. it all seems hopeless to communicate at times. but then it is validated at some random point making you feel amazing and connected to some community of sorts. I dressed up tonight and wore a scarf that is very offf in some humans minds and a camo vest and shaved my head with my new wahl hair home trimming kit. NOW I am stoppimg. Strange yelly voices were just heard sssh. Anyway they sound jovial at best, no wait,Shovelling? What are they doing?Drums> Oh No, I send back a few years... when I was in florida, beige couches on a miami strip. coconut leave hat maker on a bench. merging with sexual daunting.
who was that voice though? really? the community here is so like one Ive lived. All over again we live flashes of momentum thinking the movement is getting us somewhere and reminding us of past delicacies at the same time. I miss and hope for the best. Wow I wont have any editing at all with this one b/c I just gonna let it all out as syrup spills, just sweetener as I always fills them gaps.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Aliens. Tonight in the night sky I saw two lights moving in a straight line, orbiting the sky..... satellites someone tells me. huh. okay. I believe that, i do.

What I really want to believe is the an extraterrestrial vehicle was passing through and looked down and saw me. As the rationals are trying to put my fantasies to rest, I was tele-broadcasting (mind shooting) a msg. A msg that your existence is mind crushing and soulfully comforting at the same time.

When I stop the hustle and bustle of life's mundane operations, ridiculous P's and Q's, and how fucking cool we all are. I get a joy in believing something has bettered us as a race. Although the crafts or whatever I saw was moving in a linear direction, it was moving through space, a place with no North or South, or beginning or end. Untouched universal power, something that an ant like me could never fathom.

A free, smooth feeling, iconoclastic almost.... we as humans move in that linear way. Striving to make our ends meat, obtain those goals, live forever and cheat death. Point A to Point B. The Past, Present,and Future.