Friday, April 30, 2010

Aliens. Tonight in the night sky I saw two lights moving in a straight line, orbiting the sky..... satellites someone tells me. huh. okay. I believe that, i do.

What I really want to believe is the an extraterrestrial vehicle was passing through and looked down and saw me. As the rationals are trying to put my fantasies to rest, I was tele-broadcasting (mind shooting) a msg. A msg that your existence is mind crushing and soulfully comforting at the same time.

When I stop the hustle and bustle of life's mundane operations, ridiculous P's and Q's, and how fucking cool we all are. I get a joy in believing something has bettered us as a race. Although the crafts or whatever I saw was moving in a linear direction, it was moving through space, a place with no North or South, or beginning or end. Untouched universal power, something that an ant like me could never fathom.

A free, smooth feeling, iconoclastic almost.... we as humans move in that linear way. Striving to make our ends meat, obtain those goals, live forever and cheat death. Point A to Point B. The Past, Present,and Future.

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